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Hi-Lites Music Ministries, LLC

Yet Faithful (2014)

AL Gospel Quartets

Blessed (2012)

The Bell Singers

Renewed (2009)

Bethlehem Baptist Church

The Answer Is In The Music (2008)

Standing on the Rock (2003)


Hold On (2001)

CA Gospel Quartets

Doc McKenzie Live (1998)

Flossie Boyd Johnson and Favor

Ride With Jesus (1996)

GA Gospel Quartets

Never Quit (1995)

NC Gospel Quartets

Grab Your Blessings (1990)

Gloryland Gospel

That’s Why They Call Me Doc (1989)

Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's

Count Your Blessings (1985)

MS Gospel Quartets

Hired Gunman (1985)

Reunion Ministry

We Have You Lord (1984)

SC Gospel Quartet Radio

What A Wonder the Lord Has Done  (1982)

SC Gospel Quartets

I’ve Been Born Again (1980)

TN Gospel Quartets

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