Highlights on the Hi-Lites

Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites have been giving God praise in a message through song for Fifty-Two (52) Years!!!! Some would say 52 years is a lot of years, along time to be singing!! But oh no….They Are Just Getting Started!!

From the first note Doc McKenzie has allowed God to elevate him higher and higher. And it is evident by not only through the songs that he sings, but the words that he conveys to the people of God on every stage. It is truly What a Wonder the Lord has Done to him, through him and for him. An intricate part of Doc McKenzie's music ministry down through the years on his musical journey has been the forming of the Hi-Lites.

The Hi-Lites have been through many transitions of background vocalists as well as musicians. But now God has put in place whom he wanted to be in place. Today we have as the Hi-Lites Background Vocalists: Darryl Henley (background vocals and lead guitarist), Rodney "Roc" Dickerson, Joe Turner, Mario McClam and of course the Doctor himself. They blend with a sound that will soothe your soul and warm your heart!

Darryl started as a Hi-Lite at the age of 11. He left the group fora few years. He returned in 1999 and has not looked back. Rodney's presence as point man for background vocals and choreography is one that is in a class by itself. Rodney has the unique distinction of being an all around gifted vocalist. He projects energy that invigorates the crowd. His captivating, and almost always, spontaneous smile will melt the coldest hearts. The Roc left for a short time and has now returned as a vocalist. Joe comes to us with great quartet experience and charm to match. We are looking for Joe to be a great addition to our music ministry. We are happy to have him with the Hi-Lites' family. And Mario McClam is no stranger to the Hi-Lites. He has held positions as drummer and background singer. Mario left for a while to pursue other endeavors but we welcome him back to the ministry.

Since their beginning, Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites have been in the center of the hearts of many that love Quartet Music. They have proven that they are determined to do God's will where ever he wants them to go. And now, they are proclaiming that it is their time and their turn to get everything that they have earned.

They have stood the test of time, through good days and bad days, they still lift their voices, hearts and souls and profess that we really do serve a Good God. And because he's been so good to them, they Won't Complain. Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites have obtained many professional accomplishments including several releases, numerous nominations for awards and the opportunity to participate in many special events all across the country. And on this year they became the recipients of the 2014 Fan Favorite presented to them by the Stellar Awards. This nomination and being awarded with such an honor has truly been a blessing to Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites. They will treasure this award and that day forever. An even greater reward for them all is knowing that God is and continues to bless them because of what they do and that is continue walk in the steps ordered by God. Those steps are to share the good news of the gospel to any and every one, in season and out season.

Doc and the Hi-Lites continue to travel extensively offering their best Praise unto God. They are not a group that just sings, but they worship!! And because of their desire to worship, it commands those in their presence to do the same. It is true that if you wait, trust and have faith God will not just give you what you want, but he will give you what you need, when you need it. We have been favored with an awesome musical staff: Ron Clark (Bass Guitarist), Mike Blanding (Keyboards), Tank Daughtridge (Drummer), Jamal Lewis (Keyboards). We are blessed with an amazing sound technician, Tim Jones and a hardworking road assistant, Ricky Chatman. We also thank God for our dedicated Communications Assistant, Beverly Hines, as well as a faithful Ministry Assistant, Stephanie F. Smith.

No one ever said that the journey would be easy, but Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites wouldn't trade it all for nothing in the world! For through it all, they can still say, they still have joy. For what didn't kill them has surely made them stronger. And they are growing stronger and stronger in the Lord with every service unto God. Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites have definitely made an impact in the Quartet Industry. If they are ever in your area make sure that you are there fora worship experience of a lifetime. One thing is for sure that once you hear them, you won't leave there the same. Your spirit will be edified, God will be glorified and the devil will surely be terrified.

So if the question ever comes up, “Is there a Doctor still available to Minister the word of God through song?” Tell them yes! And his name is Doc McKenzie...